Innovation Shipyard Alliance,  a CISO Experience


Hilton Orange County/  South Coast,  CA


      8:30 am - 1:45pm   October 25th 2018, Th


7:30-8:30am Registration (Coffee and mini breakfast in the main hall)

8:30-9:20am Opening Keynote Speaker

Cloudy with a Chance of Legal Action: Managing Cyber Risks in an Increasingly Outsourced World – Ronald Raether, Partner/Attorney, Troutman Sanders  

In modern company networks, the Cloud is everywhere and the ability to assess potential liability threats has never been more important. Companies increasingly engage outside vendors and third-party service providers to assist with key aspects of their operations including payment platforms, customer relations management, information technology, and data storage, to name a few. As Cloud security continues to find its footing in this ever-evolving space, businesses must learn how to outsource functions while effectively managing cyber risk through vendor due diligence, protective contractual provisions, and appropriate internal processes and training. Known and unknown disruptive technologies challenge even the best programs. In this session, we will identify some common hacks and threats. With this context, we will walk through a common scenario and discuss who a fact pattern would play out in litigation. Key takeaways will include (1) what is the legal landscape relating to the Cloud, (2) lessons learned from litigation experience, and (3) what steps should be taken as to governance and compliance to mitigate future of Cloud risks.

9:20-9:30am Welcome, Introduction to the Innovation Shipyard Alliance, a CISO Experience

9:30-10:15am Innovation Showcase

Four emerging technology companies will be presented for review. Each company to give their best executive pitch about what makes them the new innovative technology trending

10:15-10:50am Innovation Technology Panel

What do you our Innovation Showcasers see companies struggling with and how do you fill that gap? What do CISOs, CIOs need to do to get support for new security technology? Why has your ship been able to take off like Elan Musk’s Tesla with RocketMan on board? Why should they get on board? Are you faster? More efficient? Better technology? C-levels, it’s your turn to ask the hard questions to the Showcasers on the panel

10:50-11:00am Networking Break (10min)

11:00-11:50am Motivational Keynote (General Session) 

The Human Element of Security – Vishal Amin  From boots on the ground into the cockpit of an American fighter jet, to the top of an ISIS kill list. A true story that will change your perspective on digital identity.

11:50am-12:26pm Lunch: CISO Experience

Birds of a Feather in Innovative Technologies

C-level gathering with a twist. The ability to talk freely and candidly about innovative technology. Discussions must be constructive. Sit at tables with C-levels and senior technologists who are interested in innovative technology based on disruptors addressed.

12:27am-12:45pm BOF WrapUp

Birds of a Feather in Innovative Technologies Wrap-Up

Quick synopsis of ‘birds of a feather’ table discussions providing key points from each table to all our C-levels and senior technologists.

12:45 -1:30pm Progressive CISOs/C-level Innovation Panel, “How We Were Successful in Bringing In a Start up”

Moderator: Bruce Phillips - CISO, Williston Financial

Hear the real life challenges getting intellectual capital to acquire and initiate new technology. Find out how our C-levels were successful sell it to vendor management and the Board without a Gartner Magic Quadrant or a Forrestor Wave.

1:30-1:45am CISO Experience Conclusion and Executive Summary

This is where we share key memory retention points about how the technology provided by our ships into the future address the disruptors and give you the Executive Summary you need for going back to the office.

Continue the Conversation

All Innovation Shipyard Alliance Showcasers and attendees can join in the Main Presentation Hall for the duration of the Symposium schedule and

 2:35-3:05pm Sponsor Break Ice Cream Social in main foyer

3:05-4:00pm Head in the Clouds-Security on the Ground Panel Moderator: Andrea Hoy-CISSP, CISM

4-6pm Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall following the CISO Experience program!

[Note: Students are allowed to volunteer and participate to help seed the future. Who knows, these soon to be grads in technology may need an internship and you as a Showcaser or C-level may need some young minds. It’s a way of giving back to our community.]

Donations to the Innovation Shipyard Alliance are tax-deductible as a 501(c)3.

Visit our website at www.innovationshipyard.org/donate

Not To Be Missed

Bringing together CISO's and Cyber Security Leaders to discuss the current cyber threats facing their organizations, and the role emerging technologies can help to combat them.


Help ensure CyberSecurity is a part of Innovative Technology for the Future. This event is intended for CISOs/CSOs, Directors of Security and other C-level, investors and other C-level decision makers. Attendance is limited and Free.

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Why join an Innovation Shipyard Alliance Forum?

Collaboration of CyberSecurity and Innovative Technology

CISOs/CSOs/CROs/CPOs  and other expert cyber professionals

Are you looking for a way of sharing what you “really think” when looking at a new “innovative” technology, or sharing the one thing that would make you ’turn your chair’.  Not to be critical, but to be constructive, because you really think there is new innovative technology here and you can provide your knowledge to make it sail faster, fly higher, and take technology to the next level securely.

Innovation Technology Companies and Entrepreneurs (Innovative Showcasers)

Educate yourself on what companies are really looking for to embrace new technology. Find out what they find interesting about your innovative technology. What changes they see in their environments. Is your message working? Where you are on the mark and where you might want to draw into your next ship.


You are the future. Join us. As a volunteer you can see and hear what young innovative technologies are doing. Meet potential employers or internship opportunities. Find a mentor. Submit for a scholarship. We might be hearing from you in the near future!


Hear from our Innovative Showcasers and our Captains!  Each forum is a new opportunity to hear about some innovative technology companies in our shipyard where the designers, potential buyers, nextgen developers and buyers are openly talking.

C-levels, Emeritus, & Technologists (Captains)

Become the S.C.O.R.E. for ensuring CyberSecurity in Innovative Technology. Maybe you don’t want to work 8-20 hours a day at the same job everyday. You are ‘retired’ from that, but want to still stay involved with cyber. This is your new networking community.